High-Performance Louvers are the newest innovation for home protection from Webb, an industry leader in louver manufacturing. While providing the necessary function of channeling ventilating air into and out of attics and garages. Webb Louvers also enhance the appearance and value of your home for years to come. Because of their unique design, Webb's High-Performance Louvers save homeowners from water-damage headaches and problems by reducing water blow-through to near zero. Made from durable thermoplastic material, High-Performance Louvers will maintain their efficiency for years in any type of climate and weather condition. Innovative design Uncompromised quality Efficiency Beauty Affordability
Item # 43960 43961 Item # 43962 43963
Unit HPRL 16 HPRL 111 Unit HPOL 16 HPOL 111
Unit Dimension 22 3/4" 27 3/4" Unit Dimension 22 3/4" 27 3/4"
Rough Opening 22 3/4" 27 3/4" Rough Opening 22 3/4" 27 3/4"
Vent Area (sq. in.) 72 124 Vent Area (sq. in.) 76 128
Round Louver
Octagon Louver
Item # 43964
Unit HPRTL 1626
Round Top Louver
Unit Dimension Rough Opening Vent Area (sq. in.)
22 3/4" x 32 3/8" 22 3/4" x 32 3/8" 136
Half-Round Louver
Item # 43965
Unit Unit Dimension
HPHRL 26 34" x 21 1/4"
Rough Opening 34" x 21 1/4"
Vent Area (sq. in.) 115
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